Interfaith Peace Initiative







Interfaith Peace Initiative Principles:


We are people of many faiths committed to a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  We believe such a permanent peace must be based on the principles of international law and human rights. 


We believe the illegal occupation of Palestinian land violates international law and human rights, and must end. 


We support a negotiated settlement that respects the equal rights of all the people living in the region.


We are opposed to violence in all its forms, whether initiated by Israelis or Palestinians.


We call for an end to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli communities, and a continuation of the Palestiniansí cease-fire with Israel.  Suicide attacks on innocent civilians must never be repeated.  Israelís policies of targeted assassination and attacks on Palestinians must end.


We oppose the separation wall built inside the West Bank, and all efforts to acquire land through illegal means.  This wall must not be allowed to form a new border for Israel.


We call for an end to demolition of Palestinian homes by Israeli forces and for the right of people to build or enlarge their homes on land that belongs to them. 


We call for an equal distribution of water among Palestinians and Israelis, and a lifting of the Israeli ban on drilling wells for Palestinians.  


We believe Jerusalem must be maintained as an open city for people of different faiths under international supervision.


The Interfaith Peace Initiative deplores the current violence in Gaza, Lebanon and Israel, and calls for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire, withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon and Gaza, and negotiations among all parties to settle the underlying issues according to international law and human rights.