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The Interfaith Peace Initiative seeks to provide a forum for dialog and learning about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and examining America's relationship to this region.  We believe this is a critical area of American foreign policy and that an informed public engaging in vigorous discussion and debate about America's role in the region is essential.
   Through news sources around the world, supplemented by contact with individuals of three faiths living and working in the region, IPI hopes to provide an accurate view of the situation on the ground.  Many IPI members have visited the region, and can offer their first-hand observations to others. 
   The Interfaith Peace Initiative embraces three principles:  respect for all faiths, adherence to international law (including UN Resolutions), and support for the equal human rights of all peoples.  IPI is open to people of every faith who subscribe to these principles.
   For more information about this group, please go to "IPI History,  Accomplishments and Goals." 
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