Interfaith Peace Initiative







What You Can Do to Make a Difference:



1.      Learn about the issues involved in the Palestinian conflict, using resources suggested on this site.  Visit the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) website ( and the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz Daily ( regularly to stay abreast of  developments in the region.  Subscribe to the clipping service provided by the American Task Force on Palestine in Washington ( This will keep you up to date on developments not covered in the mainstream media.


2.      Call a meeting in your home to discuss these realities with your friends, using resources recommended on this site.  The book Witness in Palestine and accompanying presentation by Jewish American Anna Baltzer provide an excellent starting point for discussion (See recommended books and films.).  Book Clubs and adult study groups should be encouraged to focus on this topic.  The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the most important issues of American foreign policy, and American tax dollars are the key reason the Israeli occupation continues.


3.      Call your members of Congress and the White House to tell them we must not deny humanitarian support for the Palestinian people. One quarter of Palestinian adults depend on government salaries to survive and feed their families.  Others work for nongovernmental organizations. Our President and Congress are cutting off all funds, including money needed to pay schoolteachers, nurses, social workers, police and other vital employees.  This will increase the influence of radical groups and send a message that democratic elections are valid only when the United States approves the outcome.


4.      Tell your elected officials to withhold American tax dollars from Israel until it stops expanding settlements, agrees to abide by international law, and guarantees the maintenance of Jerusalem as an open city for people of all faiths.  Ask that Israel be held to the same standard as the Palestinians.  Remind them that Israel killed and wounded hundreds of Palestinians while Hamas kept a 16-month cease fire.  Israel never accepted the Roadmap, issuing 13 major objections that undercut the agreement.  Israel continues to take land and water from Christians and Muslims, violating many UN Resolutions and international laws.  This endangers Israelis and damages prospects for peace.


5.      Join and support Jewish Voice for Peace.  This is an outstanding group that sends occasional e-mails with excellent explanations about events in the region and what you can do to respond to them.  It has more than 10,000 members in the United States.


6.      Join the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation


7.      Reach out to people of other faiths to broaden the discussion of these issues.  Form an interfaith peace initiative in your community for respectful exchange of ideas.


8.      Urge your own faith community to become informed and involved.