Recommended News Feeds

We recommend that you read a variety of news sources to stay informed on what's happening in Israel and Palestine.

BBC Front page news Al Jazeera English News
BBC Front page news BBC Front Page News
BBC Middle East BBC Middle East News
BBC Front page news Guardian Middle East News (UK)
BBC Front page news Gulf News
BBC Front page news Ha'aretz News
BBC Front page news Institute for Middle East Understanding
BBC Front page news Jerusalem Post News
BBC Front page news Jewish Daily Forward Breaking News
BBC Front page news Just Foreign Policy Alerts
Just Foreign Policy Newsroom Just Foreign Policy Newsroom Blog
BBC Front page news New York Times Middle East News

What are News Feeds?

News feeds, also known as RSS feeds, let you see new news content, headlines, and video as soon as it's published, without actually visiting the websites from which the news comes. You can subscribe to multiple news feeds to follow only the news you are interested in.

What do I need to read a News Feed?

A news reader. If you have a new Internet browser, there's a good chance it has a built-in news reader. However, there are a number of stand-alone news readers that read feeds and provide additional tools for sorting, searching, and organizing them. You can also subscribe to and organize your feeds using tools like Google Reader. See the sidebar for more information.

How do I get a News Feed?

From your news reader you subscribe to only the feeds you are interested in staying-up-to-date with, and your news reader will gather the feeds for you.

Perform a simple test

Click on this link to determine if your browser can read news feeds.

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